Chapel Rain

picture by e. sabalette

hello, welcome to this tiny website...

here you'll find some songs i wrote as "chapel rain" (this name's from a DAKOTA SUITE's song)...

i apologize for the "do-it-yourself" sound. everything was recorded "live" with a minidisc and a small microphone at home in clarens (switzerland) during july 2003. most of the time, the songs are way too long. there are several "bugs" and english mistakes. you will also hear some birds singing and some children laughing...

of course, i'd like to work with other persons. i wish there could be other instruments here and there. one day, maybe all these early stages will breed real songs... who knows ?...

so, i hope that this stuff will interest you a little bit...

i owe a lot to alain, christophe & tutu for their precious help and... thank you !

bye !


james dean by dennis stock (1955)

  1. when we fear
  2. bad way
  3. shine in your dream
  4. the kid
  5. you are my family
  6. orphan
  7. by your side
  8. death and the young man
  9. almond
  10. time is a prison


copyright © frederic aellen (2004)